SHAZRAD: City of Veils

Who's who in Shazrad. Be warned that many of the city's inhabitants wear more than one face.

Player Characters

Azad Jalakheed
Played by Kit

"No mage-god, this one, no great healer or soothsayer. Just a simple fisherman living a simple life in a small nation consisting of a string of lush and lagoon-spotted islands. Very little about Mikinasili Adaaninga's history is remarkable, in fact--he lived a quiet existence with his wife, her three other husbands, and enough children to warrant four family cows."

Played by Frank J. Perricone

"As he neared young adulthood he finally became aware of how unusual was his situation, and his inner fire of curiosity drove him to wonder, and to try to find out why things were different for him than for others. His parents had kept the secret well, but not well enough, and soon he knew the truth. He held it bitterly inside for a time, chewing over the sense of betrayal, until he could no longer restrain himself."

Sabbira al-Bashani
Played by Anna

"Not knowing what else to do, Sabbira once again retreated to the Garden of Prisms. Instead of her usual cheerful humming, Sabbira began to softly sing every dirge she knew as she mourned for the loss of her freedom. As the star-eyed would have it she was heard by Hassan Askhalani, a member of the House of the Thousand Tales."

Reidjai Shakhir
Played by Bryan Ray

"It was in this way that Reidjai and his family came into new wealth. With that wealth came greed; mysterious crates began to appear in the warehouse and at the booth. They moved by night and seldom bore the stamps of tariff officers. Reidjai, out of respect for his elders, has held his tongue, but he has begun to be uncomfortable with the goings-on."

Talaal Ybiza
Played by Owen Gjertsen

"In Shazrad, he is generally considered somewhat insane, although sometimes considered prophetic. Here is how it manifests. His tongue moves much faster than he, has a sort of wit of its own. It is nearly always running, taking words and ideas and turning them inside out, regurgitating conversations, voicing thoughts and unconscious grumbles alike."

Zhael Khajat Vner
Played by Vega

"Zhael was born in Shazrad, but has her roots in Zhjaka'or, an indigenous bedouin tribe of the Sands. Her father's family had migrated from the desert to Shazrad for some ulterior motive, and had established themselves as traders in exotic weaponry and handicraft. Her mother was a first-generation 'migrant' who followed her father here after their marriage, and maintained the family's strong ties with Sands culture."

Non-Player Characters

We've compiled a list of minor NPCs, mostly for reference, in case you bump into someone you ought to know from a previous turn. Also counted among the NPCs are the characters of players who have left the game, but who have already shaped the game considerably, and may continue to do so. They're certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Farikh Jaalpeer
Formerly played by Joshua David Rosenthal

"A failure, and a nothing. He was called that once, by a man far more knowledgeable than he, a man who had seen and done in his life more things than Farikh likely ever would."

Kamila Fatin
Formerly played by Sarah

"Born to a fairly affluent family in the House of the Golden Hand, she turned not to the sound of her mother's voice, but to the whirring and humming of the dragons that flitted around the city."

Khalid ibn Malik
Formerly played by R. Dobbs

"Khalid remembers very little of his former life. He was washed ashore near a remote fishing village in Sokaru some ten years ago, with the wounds of battle upon him."

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