SHAZRAD: City of Veils

No doubt we've forgotten something, or failed to clarify some points. These frequently asked questions ought to help. And remember, if you have some other question that we haven't answered, by all means email us at shazrad@cityofveils.com or at the individual addresses listed on the page about us. We're more than willing to lend you some time and walk you through anything you find confusing. We won't bite. Honest. Well...not hard, at least.

What does free-form/PBeM/RPG/roleplaying (any or all of the above) mean?

It sounds like you need the introduction to roleplaying, which has several pages and links that ought to help you out. If you already know what roleplaying is but are unsure about any of the other terms, we would still advise you to check it out.

Can I join?

Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of experience. Some of the best roleplayers we've encountered were in their first game. This doesn't guarantee that your application will be accepted, nor that you will become an active player right away. Remember to look over all the information in this website thoroughly, and be certain that this type of game is right for you. Also, do check the news page, which has the latest on the game status and whether we're currently open to applications.

Can I play a __________ (fill in the blank)?

Ask us directly. There are some things that are definitely forbidden, such as characters that come from other worlds, non-humans, and mages. There are no exceptions to this rule, unless you have the most brilliant idea and the skills to pull it off. Check with the gamemasters if you're uncertain. Remember that you're always free to ask us questions before you actually send in that application. We'll be glad to step you through the process, although in the end the ideas are all yours, and the veto power is all ours.

How do I lurk?

Any and all lurkers are welcome to watch Shazrad: City of Veils. It's a simple enough to do, it's not a particularly high-volume mailing list, and it'll provide you with some great reading. The archives hold the same material with some basic editing to make it easier to read, but if you want to receive the moves as they come, without waiting, just send a blank message to shazrad-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. (If you'd like to be informed whenever the on-web archives are updated, instead, try subscribing to the news mailing list.)

I'm on the waiting list.
When will I become an active player?

We're sorry to say that we don't know. There are two circumstances under which someone from the waiting list will move to active status: we suddenly find more time on our hands and decide we can squeeze in another player, or a current player drops out and we're looking for a replacement. In either case, we will choose on the basis of which character fits in best at that stage in the game, although we will remain mindful of how long you've been on the list. Do be warned that the wait can be indefinite. In the meantime, lurk on the game--actually, it's requisite, but we hope it'll be an enjoyable requirement. If, as a waiting list player, you unsubscribe from the list (especially without warning us), we will assume that you're no longer interested. We would, however, appreciate it if you could tell us before unsubscribing (if possible) so we know what's going on.

How often will I need to post?

We'll expect one every two weeks or so, although we can be flexible with notification. Occasionally the delay may be caused on our end (yes, we do have lives outside of this game!), but we hope to keep this to a minimum. Do check the rules.

Won't firewalling ruin the game?

It is absolutely possible to firewall and still enjoy the game. Remember that we're not asking you to announce to the world everything about your character's skeletons in the closet and deepest, darkest thoughts. In fact, we'd rather you not share these with the other players. We're saying that if you do stumble across such facts about another character while OOC, then don't use it for your advantage IC. We added that clause to the rules because we want to put up lots of info about everyone on the website for lurkers and visitors to see, and we have no way to prevent other players from looking at such stuff. We wouldn't want to if we could; such things are fun to know, and good to see as examples as well. What we are asking is that if you decide to go peeking at other character's bios and such (which is definitely not required), then remember you learned such information as a player and not as a character. Additionally, remember that characters in this game are basically on the same side and will cooperate with each other to at least some extent; you are not competing with each other. So secret moves and thoughts shouldn't have to be a necessity anyway, although it's possible that they might crop up.

Can you tell me more about the religion/society/any other aspect of the world?

Sure, if you want more details on any aspect of the world, do ask. After all, we've made several assumptions about this setting and didn't bother to put some up, so clarifications will likely be necessary on these points. If we don't know the answer to your question already, we'll make it up on spot just for you. Note that neither of us are anthropology majors and we have our strong points and weak points. We've already heard some criticism and tried to take it as gracefully as we could, although at this point we can't really rip the world apart and rebuild it, no matter how much we would like to. We will do our best to make this world as authentic as possible (for a fantasy setting), and contributions of any kind are more than welcome.

Can I contribute somehow?

Definitely. If you care to write some fiction, or if you have an artistic streak and would like to depict some part of Shazrad, that would be great. So is developing corners of the world that we haven't gotten around to yet. Send it to us, and as long as we don't find anything objectionable in it, we'll put it up on the website for everyone to see. If you have other ideas to help us out, let us know! We won't turn down a helping hand.

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